Things to Do in Wilderness

If you visit Wilderness, South Africa, do not miss these attractions and activities.

Sea and coast view

Wilderness Beach

Wilderness Beach is a coastal Eden where you can explore miles of golden sands, pristine waters and wildlife. Time stands still as you wander this beautiful beach.

Garden route national park sign

National Park (Wilderness)

Wilderness National Park is part of the Garden Route National Park in South Africa, a popular vacation spot known for its beaches, lakes and rivers.

Dolphins in the sea

Dolphin Point Lookout

Dolphin Point Lookout is one of the best view points along the Garden Route. It offers an amazing vista of the golden beach, Knysna River and Lake. Here you can see both Gericke's Point and Buffels Bay.

Mountains view

Map of Africa Viewpoint

The ‘Map of Africa’ is a breathtaking view from Wilderness Heights. It shows a winding river that encloses the landscape of a place coincidentally formed in the shape of Africa.

Waterfall image

Kaaimans Waterfall

If you're looking for adventure, there's no place better than Kaaimans Waterfall. It's a great place to go canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. Hungry afterwards? Stop by at a local restaurant for lunch or dinner!

Coastal view

Knysna, South Africa

The adventure capital of South Africa, Knysna is a tiny town right on the coast with a thriving tourism industry. The area is known for its beautiful beaches and lush forests. The town itself has a good deal of nightlife and adventure offerings, including surfing and boating.

A fish in the water


Why not go fishing? We're located near many great fishing spots, and it's a great way to pass the time while enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.


Elephant Sanctuary

Get up close and personal with these gentle giants, and see them in their nature. If you're looking for a truly unique experience, an elephant sanctuary in Wilderness is the place to go.

A person in a canoe


Kayaking is a great way to get up close and personal with nature, while still having enough of a view to enjoy the scenery. Our holiday home is located near the best spots for water activities.

Park with threes and people


Paragliding in South Africa is a dream come true for many adventurers, and the Wilderness area of South Africa is the perfect place to experience it.

5 people on the horses

Blackhorse Trails

This event is perfect for those who love the outdoors and are looking for something new to do with their friends and family. It offers a great way to explore the country and see its beauty up close, while getting in touch with nature.

Seafood plate

Private & Custom Tours

Want to go beyond the tourist trail? We book private tours and guides to bring you to the best places known by locals! Inquire with us today by filling out a request form.

Stay with us, enjoy your best experience in Wilderness
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